Why is this called “Kempo Made Easy”?

There was some definite resistance when the website name was first introduced, because Kempo is anything BUT easy!  I agree on how difficult Kempo is, but there were two factors that drove the idea of this website – PASSION and UNDERSTANDING

  • PASSION – When we are passionate about something, the concepts of difficult or overwhelming just tend to fade away. We can spend hours doing it and not even notice.  Our goal with these videos is to instill or grow the passion within you for this Martial Art, so that hours of training seem like minutes, and the joy of achieving overcomes the toil of repetition!
  • UNDERSTANDING – In many ways, Passion comes from deep Understanding. We cannot love what we do not understand. Most of us can recall experiences where we had relationships with people who were passionate about something we didn’t really understand.  As we learned more about their passion, we found ourselves getting more excited about it as well.

With this video series, we hope that you will find a deeper understanding in the things you have learned as well as the topics you have yet to learn. We also hope that the excitement we had while filming this might be infectious!


Why did you create “Kempo Made Easy”?

This website was created to benefit 3 groups of people:

  1. Students
  2. Ex-Students
  3. Instructors


  • STUDENTS – With so much going on in life, it can be increasingly difficult to remember what was taught in class (Average 3 hours class time vs 120 hours in a work week). The Shaolin Kempo Art is so vast, that it is difficult to remember what was practiced last week… much less last month.  This video series is meant to serve as a refresher, provide training guidance, and give you perspective as to your progress within each rank.


  • EX-STUDENTS – Students sometimes will take a break from Martial Arts for a myriad of reasons, but we have found that almost all have (at some point) wanted to come back. The indisputably predominant reason why they don’t is that they are simply embarrassed by everything they have forgotten.  As strange as it may sound, it is difficult for them to be in a class and feel so far from where they were.  Those that do stick it out find that they pick it back up quickly.  These videos can hopefully also serve as a mechanism for students that want to get back into training, to relearn what they have forgotten in privacy.


  • INSTRUCTORS – Ironically, even instructors are able to benefit from this website, but in a much different way. As an instructor, it can become very difficult to remember if each and every nuance was taught to each and every student.  Also, without clearly defined and documented curriculum, the entire training process can become increasingly disorganized.  Every qualified instructor has a wealth of knowledge.  Hopefully, with the help of this website, that knowledge can be better passed in a comprehensive, organized way.


Do I need an actual Instructor if I follow these videos?

VERY MUCH SO!  You know the saying, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”  That’s what these videos are… a little knowledge.  Many of these drills can be very dangerous for you and your partner if it isn’t supervised properly.  Let’s put this in perspective… Do you really want to learn skills that might have to be used to protect your life… from a video?  These videos are meant to enhance your education with a qualified instructor, not to replace it.


You have Grab Defenses, Weapon Defenses, and Sparring Techniques in your Belt Training Manuals, but there are no accompanying videos.  Are those coming soon?

That will depend on you.  This website was created to serve as a resource for all Shaolin Kempo students to use to grow and develop their skill sets.  We need your help with comments, questions, and overall support to build this into such a resource.  We will be happy to create videos for all the above topics… providing the demand is there.  In the meantime, your instructor can fill in those sections to fit what his/her requirements are for those individual sections.


How does the pricing for the different programs work?

At this point there are 2 unique video series categories:

  1. The different Belt Training Video programs
  2. The 10 Volumes of Animal Kempo Punch Techniques


Each of the Belt Training Membership levels encompass all of the videos at its belt level AND all of the videos for all the belts below it.  Whichever membership program a person purchases, that dollar amount will be deducted from the price of all the Belt Memberships above what was purchased.


(Example:  The White Belt Membership is $19.99 and the Yellow Belt Membership is $44.98.  After the White Belt Membership is purchased, you will see that the Yellow Belt Membership has been reduced to $24.99 [$44.98-$19.99]).


The Animal Kempo Punch Technique Volumes are all individually priced.  Each volume contains 5 different videos (1 for each animal).  For a limited time, we are offering a discounted price for all volumes. Note: Purchasing an individual Volume will not reduce the price of the limited time discount.


In both categories, be sure you want the videos before you purchase, because there are no refunds.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


Will my membership term renew every time I buy a new program?

Yes, no matter when you upgrade, the term of your new program will begin then.


Example:  You are 11 months in for your Purple Belt Membership (12-month total term), and you purchase the Blue Belt Membership Upgrade (should cost $29.99).  You will then have 18 more months with the Blue Belt Membership.


Note:  You will not be eligible for upgrades if your membership expires.


What if I have suggestions and/or more questions?

We are counting on your thoughts, suggestions, and comments to help make this website better.  You will see a COMMENTS area at the end of every belt section.  Feel free to login and give whatever constructive feedback you would like.


Note:  All posted comments will be reviewed before appearing on the thread.  All non-constructive comments will be rejected.  Multiple offenses will result in membership privileges being revoked without refund. Please be thoughtful and courteous with all comments.


For more involved questions, feel free to email help@kempomadeeasy.com. Someone will get back to you to address your questions or concerns.