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The worlds largest library of Shaolin Kempo and Asian Weapons Training.


Improve Your Street Defense


Earn Your Black Belt Faster


Master the Exotic Weapons Of the Orient



The most effective street defense art and also the best kept secret.


Effective Against Street Weapons
(Bats, Knives, Guns, Bottles)
Effective Against Multiple Attackers X X
Ground Fighting X X X
Long Standing Traditional with focus on Philosophy and Personal Development X X
Coordinative Forms for Individual-Based Training and Progress X X

When you're looking for that edge

Kempo Made Easy
Provides the solutions you need to excel.

    • 1. With the most extensive Shaolin Kempo video library ever created, Kempo Made Easy, (KME) has helped students earn higher-skilled Black Belts in record time!
    • 2. KME brings back the secrets of the 5 Point System to Technique Mastery to help you become most effective with your Defense Maneuvers and Kempo Punch Techniques (aka Tactical Responses). This system of teaching has been lost for nearly 20 years!
    • 3. KME is the first to introduce 5 Star Performances (aka Black Belt Candidate) videos to showcase how the skill, technique, or form needs to be performed in order to pass testing. This helps all students (and parents) prepare in the most optimal way!
    • 4. All required material from White to Black Belt all at your fingertips! No more waiting to see what you must learn.
    • 5. All videos are intuitively organized for the easiest access. The KME library is the Shaolin Kempo Search Engine!

The Made Easy Difference


Weapon Defense

  • Techniques against a stabbing attack. Each technique focuses on a different initial defensive movement along with natural counters
  • Techniques against a slashing attack. The different techniques will focus on moving to different angles and counterattacking appropriately
  • Techniques against an overhead attacking club. Each technique utilizes physics and physiology to most effectively triumph in any situation
  • Techniques against a side attacking club. These techniques utilize leverage and precision attacks to handle any of these situations. A two-handed bat defense is also included
  • Each of the techniques coincide with natural reflexive movement to provide you with the best chance for success

Grab Escapes

  • Learn how to successfully escape and defend from 16 of the most common holds
  • Included with each Grab Escape is a video that outlines the things to focus on and what to avoid when in each hold
  • An escape technique has also been included for your benefit

  • For the First Time on video: The 5-Point System to Technique Mastery
  • Have instant access to 30 Kempo Punch Techniques:
    • · Broken down step-by step
    • · Demonstrated in the air
    • · Demonstrated on a person
    • · Taught using the 5-Point Method
  • All demonstrated Kempos are elite and modeled after the Shaolin animals

  • For the First Time on video: The most complete education on all fundamentals to ensure the student has the best chance for success for implementing.
    • Stances: Instruction on:
      • · Proper Technique
      • · Stance Strengths and Weaknesses
      • · Street Application
      • · Drills for Stance Mastery.
    • Strikes: Instruction on:
      • · Proper Technique
      • · Optimal Target Areas
      • · Street Application
      • · Drills for Strike Mastery
    • Kicks: Instruction on:
      • · Proper Technique
      • · Optimal Target Areas
      • · Street Application
      • · Drills for Kick Mastery
    • Blocks: For the First Time on video:
      • · Off Counters
      • · On Counters
      • · Combination Counters
      • · Open 8 pt Blocking System (complete with assorted counters)
      • · Elbow 8 pt Blocking System (complete with assorted counters)
    • Takedowns/Throws/Locks: For the First Time on video: A detailed education of the most prominent takedowns and holds in the Shaolin Kempo system complete with Proper Technique and Street Application!

  • For the First Time on video: Step-by-Step Kata Version complete with follow-along subtitles.
  • For the First Time on video: All forms broken down into individual Street-Defense Drills and taught in multiple angles to facilitate distance learning.
  • For the First Time on video: All Street-Defense Drills are shown and woven together to create the Form/Kata
  • Tradition meets fitness with these First-of-its-Kind Kata instructional videos!
  • Overall historical and philosophical significance of each form

  • For the First Time on video: The 5-Point System to Technique Mastery
  • Be able to watch every Defense Maneuver from White to Black:
  • Detailed analysis of technique broken down by Physics and Physiology
  • Demonstrated in the air
  • Demonstrated on a person
  • Taught using the 5-Point Method
  • Organized in numerical order for easy access


Kempo is the most comprehensive street defense art from a traditional, fitness, weapon defense, multiple atacker, and grab escape perspective

Kempo Made Easy is the single most comprehensive library of education and application video ever created. Never before have all of the fundamentals been broken down into technique optimization and street value.

Josh George has been a Black Belt for over 30 years and has trained and promoted thousands of students to Black Belt and beyond. Jeff Kash is Master George’s highest-ranking Black Belt earning his 6th degree Black Belt in 2018. Master Kash has been teaching for over 20 years as well.

The Kempo Made Easy Library has been proven to save years to achieve Black Belt as well as improve the promotion rate of all belts.

That depends…. Some instructors will welcome this, because KME’s only purpose is to create better martial artists in an efficient way. Unfortunately, we have also witnessed some instructors actively discourage their students from subscribing. This is a result of the instructor wanting to prolong their student’s journey since every instructor’s primary source of income is tuition

That’s for you to decide. Martial Arts are the sciences of Physics, Physiology, and Psychology… with the specific purpose (in Shaolin Kempo) for Street Defense and Personal Development. We have specifically crafted each video with that intent and using those principles. We can discuss the creators’ cumulative 90 years of Martial Arts teaching experience, but we are confident that the students will be able to see that quickly through our videos. When is knowledge a bad thing, and don’t they trust the student to be able to sort bad information from good?


Master the art of ancient weapons

“If I can’t remember part of a form I’ve learned, it’s available to me at any time. It allows me to learn new material on my own schedule wherever I’m at. The best part is if I’m struggling with a technique, I can go through the material online over and over.”
– Genevieve

It is a powerful tool which I use whenever I need to learn a new skill, review a form or technique that needs refinement, or simply to practice. The fact that I could learn at my own pace enabled me to keep learning whether it was as a supplement to my regular classes or as a substitute for when I was unable to attend class in person.”
– Manal